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I prepare all my jams delicately,

with fully ripen fruit I harvest myself close from home,
with herbs & freshly picked flowers
and organic cane sugar.

Cooking in a 8 l cauldron.

corsican citrus jams

3 citrus organic (orange, lemon, grapefruit) 
5 citrus organic (orange, Borneo lemon, mandarin, bergamot, combava)
bergamot organic
citron organic
clementine organic
clementine & Christmas spices organic
lemon organic
lemon & ginger organic
Bornéo lemon organic
mandarin organic jam
orange organic
orange & ginger organic
Sevilia orange organic


other corsican fruit

apricot jam organic or fruit from friends’ familly orchard
arbutus berry organic
feijoa (=Brasil guava) organic
fig organic
fig & wallnut organic
morello cherry jam
myrtle organic
peach organic
plum organic
quince jam organic
raspberry jam
raspberry & blackberry
sweet patato organic
green tomato organic
watermelon jam


corsican herb jams

wild fennel organic
wild nepita organic (mint flavoured traditional corsican herb)
wild oregano organic
wild rosemary organic
vervein organic


corsican flower jams

citrus organic
helichrysum organic
rose organic
elder organic


I prepare my jams from fruit or herbs grown in Corsica.
I favour:


* nearby crops (< 5 km from Coccola for the most part). 

* certified organic.
       or if not they come from environment friendly family gardens. (in order to offer other flavours, but without organic certification).
* from tasty varieties, fully ripe and freshly picked.


Other ingredients :               

* organic cane sugar, for all recipes, without exception.

* sometimes organic fresh ginger or spice.   
* sometimes organic agar agar to allow to set.

and that’s all!  

I take back jars if cleaned and dry